Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape
Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape
Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape
Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape
Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape

Akuna Alveo Natural Herbal Drink Supplement 24 Natural Herbs Immune System Grape


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Akuna Alveo 950 ml Grape


Alveo Immunkraft - Immune System - Immune Defenses - Defense System

The ideal combination of active ingredients of plant origin, in a mixture of 24 plant extracts, Honey, Canadian maple syrup, and apple and grape juice. The ultimate source of life energy - ALVEO has a complex effect. It is suitable for everyday use, preferably before meals. Through year-round use, we simply and effectively supply the body with rare secondary plant substances.

Made in Canada

Alveo provides our body with valuable phytochemicals in a simple and effective way. Together with other purely natural components of plant origin, it supports our well-being. The extraction process without Use of alcohol produces a very easily absorbable food supplement that has been designed for everyone. Alveo supports intestinal cleansing and thus it promotes digestion and the immune system thanks to secondary plant substances. By taking Alveo regularly, you support your body in maintaining its natural balance and vitality. Because Alveo's job is to take care of our wellbeing.

Ingredients and additives

A dietary supplement with botanical extracts Grape (10.1%) and fruit juices (5.6%)

A dietary supplement with botanical extracts Mint (11.2%) and peppermint mixture (0.04%)


Water, grape juice, alfalfa, apple juice, Canadian maple syrup, horsetail, real mullein, guarana, rose hip, lavender, passion flower, honey, cardamom, red clover, Irosch moss, cinnamon, fennel, gotu kola, yellow gentian, liquorice, suma, thyme , Bird cherry, aloe vera concentrate, ginkgo, Korean ginseng, bladder wrack, cayenne pepper, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate

Recommended daily intake:

Drink 1 to 2 measuring cups (1 measuring cup = 28ml) per day.

Nutritional values 28 ml - 1 measuring cup 56 ml - 2 measuring cups
Calorific value 48 kJ / 12 kcal 97 kJ / 23 kcal
fat 0 g 0 g
Saturated fat 0 g 0 g
carbohydrates 3 g 6 g
sugar 1.3 g 2.8 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
sodium 0 g 0 g

Phytochemicals in the daily dose (28 ml) from Alveo:

  Grape Mint
Saponins 0.38487 mg 0.42635 mg
Flavonoids 0.54498 mg 0.60372 mg
Isoflavones 1.40944 mg 1.56134 mg
Asiaticoside 0.46981 mg 0.46981 mg
Polysaccharides 0.91331 mg 1.01175 mg

Note: Shake well before use and store in a cool place after opening. Keep out of the reach of children. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
Volume: 950ml

Alveo is a safe product for everyday use.
Alveo is part of the healthy and active lifestyle.
Alveo is a product with natural ingredients of plant origin.
Alveo is liquid and therefore easy to dispose of.
Alveo is steroid-free and therefore suitable for active people and athletes.
Alveo is microbiologically examined at every stage of production.

The herbs in ALVEO:

  • contribute to the strengthening of the immune system
  • have a positive effect on the natural bacterial flora
  • promote the digestive and excretory processes

Our Alveo - the breakthrough in and of itself!

The herbal mixture in the drink cleanses and cleanses our intestines, making vitamins, minerals and trace elements easier and, above all, completely absorbable from the intestine. With daily use of Alveo you will feel more comfortable, weight reduction is possible through cleaning alone and the better absorption of nutrients will make you feel more vital and thus have more energy for the day!

The use of Alveo during pregnancy is absolutely safe for women who drank Alveo before pregnancy or who had a good lifestyle with sufficient fiber.
Note: This product may solve Toxins from the intestines. Pregnant women who want to start using the product should not take the product if they have smoked / smoke before or during pregnancy, have consumed alcohol regularly, have consumed other drugs or are permanently dependent on medication . During pregnancy, the fetus's blood circulation is connected to that of the mother and dissolved residues of medication, drugs and cigarettes also get into the fetus's blood.

Akuna Health Products is GMP registered and ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
This product has been licensed by Health Canada, the Department of Health of Canada (NPN 80020422).

Legal notice: In general, food supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are taking this preparation or want to go on a diet, you should seek advice from a doctor or therapist beforehand. For all dietary supplement products, you must stop using them immediately in the event of side effects, allergies or intolerances and should consult your doctor. In the context of the “Health Claim” regulation, we are prohibited from making any healing claims about food supplements or ascribing a health effect to them. We therefore forego a detailed description of the modes of action. Therefore, direct your questions about the mode of action of individual preparations or active ingredients to your doctor or pharmacist. Any liability for damage to property, personal injury or financial loss is excluded. All products are subject to regular controls. All information is subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.

Origin of the main ingredients (variety "Grape"): 

  • water (Country of origin: Canada)
  • Grape Juice (100% natural grape juice) Country of origin: USA

Origin of the main ingredients ("Mint" variety):

  • water (Country of origin: Canada)
  • Peppermint Oil (100% natural peppermint oil) with countries of origin Canada, USA, India
  • Lemon Oil (100% natural lemon oil) with countries of origin Canada, USA


Bild Dr. S. Khoshbin

Dr. S. Khoshbin, creator of Alveo:

"During my many years of practice in naturopathy and homeopathy, I have found that almost all of my patients were deficient in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. To treat my patients' problems, I have recommended herbs, vitamins and minerals. Our planet is full of chemicals - pesticides, insecticides, additives and other dangerous toxins. All of them do their part to poison our bodies, to badly absorb the important nutrients and thus to weaken the immune system. When developing ALVEO, we decided to give up to concentrate a product that supports and strengthens the body of everyone, regardless of age.

With these thoughts in mind, we realized that this product must be made from the purest and most natural ingredients to provide the optimal levels of nutrients to promote health and an active lifestyle. After years of research, analysis and testing, ALVEO has been perfected and is now available for you, your family and friends. ALVEO is a 100% natural herbal drink made from 24 herbs that are known and tried and tested around the world and have unique properties. "

Dr. J. Bertlik

Dr. J. Bertlik, Chair of the Akuna Scientific Council:

"Even as a child, I was interested in the well-being of other people. Years later, I discovered that it is not only important to treat diseases, but also to promote the right prophylaxis for people, getting them to get to know your body, the species and the way they live and work, and how they deal with stress. Prevention also means regularly cleaning the body in order to maintain balance so that all body systems continue to function properly. In the composition of ALVEO® we have the expertise of Dr Khoshbin used in botanical science to combine the right herbal extracts in one product. We have developed a high quality herbal dietary supplement that the majority of the population would benefit from. Alveo's goal is to support the digestive tract, the immune system promote and deliver energy to the body I strongly believe that ALVEO ® is the best product f for everyday use and your well-being. "



ALFALFA Medicago sativa
Alfalfa, also called lucerne, was first mentioned in Iran around 500 years BC. It was brought to Europe (Greece) in the 8th century. The plant is known for its abundant content of green coloring matter - chlorophyll, fiber and minerals and has been nicknamed "Queen of forage plants" because of its nutritional values. It is also very rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, silicon and leaves, which contain eight elementary amino acids.
Alfalfa is often said to have the following properties: supports the function of the liver and kidneys, is good for the bones and skin, and is one of the most important natural suppliers of vitamins.


ROCKETHALM Equisetum arvense
The horsetail is one of the oldest plants on earth. Today's horsetail are the last survivors of what was once a species-rich group. Many scientists believe that it existed as early as 600 million years ago. The plant is known for its high silicon content.
Horsetail is often said to have the following properties: it supports calcium absorption, strengthens bones, hair and nails and the entire Musculoskeletal system, promotes kidney and bladder function.


LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia
The home of lavender is originally the western Mediterranean. The plant is known for its pleasant and soothing smell, which is why it is a genus of plants valued in perfumery. Furthermore, lavender oil is made from the flowers, which is the basis for inexpensive essences and oils.
The following properties are often ascribed to lavender: it supports the nervous system and promotes it Relaxation and a sound sleep.


PASSION FLOWER Passiflora incarnata
Passion flower is a climbing plant whose characteristic is the beautiful, radial symmetry flowers. The passion flower is found throughout America and East India. The plant contains flavonoids, alkaloids and saponins. The fruits of the passion trees contain a lot of vitamin C.
Passionflower is often said to have the following properties: it promotes sleep and relaxation and supports digestion.


SUMA Pfaffia paniculata
Suma, also known as Brazilian ginseng, contains amino acids, minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc), a relatively high proportion of vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K and pantothenic acid, as well as saponins, pfaffic acid and their glycosides.
Suma is often said to have the following properties: it stimulates blood circulation, perhaps one of the reasons why it is known that suma stimulates sexuality and joie de vivre, promotes relaxation.


ROSE HIP Rosa canina
The rose hip is a collective fruit that contains many small seeds. The rosehip pulp is one of the best and most accessible sources of vitamin C. It also contains beta-carotene, group B vitamins and around 4% essential minerals. Wild roses are valuable nutritive and protective trees for many animal species.
The following properties are often ascribed to rose hips: it has a warming and invigorating effect, supports kidney and bladder functions.


GUARANA Paullinia cupana
Guarana is a liana and comes from the Amazon basin. Today it is grown in Brazil and Uruguay. Its red fruits with the bitter-tasting kernels are characterized by their high caffeine content, so this plant has a stimulating effect.
Guarana is often said to have the following properties: good for the nerves and muscles, supports blood circulation and gives energy.


CARDAMOM Elettaria cardamomum
This plant is native to southern India and Sri Lanka, but is also grown in southeast Asia and Guatemala. Cardamom is a perennial herbaceous plant with strong roots. Cardamom is a type of spice. In Arab countries, cardamom is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.
Cardamom is often said to have the following properties: it optimizes and supports the digestive function and strengthens the entire body.


CINNAMON Cinnamomum verum
The cinnamon tree is grown in Ceylon, China, Jawa and other tropical zones. Due to its tannin content, it also has a slightly drying effect. Traditional Chinese schools honor this plant and claim that it balances the harmony of the elements JING and JANG.
The following properties are often ascribed to cinnamon tree: it improves digestion, promotes blood circulation and warms the body.


RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense
The original occurrence of red clover is Europe, nowadays it is also common in the USA. Red clover contains tannins, glycosides, organic acids and pigments. The plant also contains isoflavonoids, which are very similar to female estrogens.
Red clover is often said to have the following properties: it supports the kidneys and liver, aids digestion and is good for the airways.

Irisches Moss

IRISH MOSS Chondrus crispus
It is a seaweed that grows on the rocks on the French and Irish shores. It is also called cartilage wrack and Irish moss.
Irish Moss is often said to have the following properties: it supports the digestive function, is good for the kidney and bladder functions and the respiratory system.


GRAPE CHERRY Prunus serotina
Also known as the plum plant, it is originally native to North America, but the bird cherry has spread independently in Europe. The Greeks have been using and cultivating this plant since the year 4000 BC.
The following properties are often ascribed to the plum plant: it contains beta carotene and vitamin A, and supports the excretory organs.


LIGHT WOOD Glycyrrhiza glabra
Licorice is a perennial herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia. It is also called licorice, the roots of which are used to make candy using the licorice flakes process.
Licorice is often said to have the following properties: is good for the digestive system and the respiratory tract, promotes the immune system and strengthens the heart.


REAL KING CANDLE Verbascum thapsus
Real mullein, also called the woolly flower, is native to central and southern Europe and western Asia. The plants of the group of mullein are considered a symbol of a long life. The leaves contain saponins, mucilage, flavonoids, sugar as well as yellow coloring agents and essential oils.
Mullein are often ascribed the following properties: Has a positive effect on bile flow and liver and the upper airways.


FENNEL Foeniculum vulgare
Fennel is a vegetable, aromatic and medicinal plant. The oldest reports about this plant date from 4000 years ago. The plant contains essential oils, silica, mineral salts, starch, vitamins A, B and C. The tubers and seeds are processed and enjoyed.
Fennel is often said to have the following properties: it promotes digestion, stomach and intestinal function.

Gotu Kola

GOTU KOLA Centella asiatica
It is an Asian plant that is widely used in the Far East. In India, this plant is used to strengthen muscles and joints, as well as to improve intelligence and memory. This plant is often referred to as "food for the brain". It increases physical and psychological fitness and promotes relaxation.
Gotu Kola is often said to have the following properties: it promotes healthy sleep and the nervous system, improves memory and concentration, is good for the skin, and strengthens joints and muscles.


YELLOW GENTIAN Gentiana lutea
Yellow gentian is common in the Alps and other mountains of Central and Southern Europe. The storage root is fleshy and thick and rich in sugars and valuable bitter substances. Yellow gentian supports the digestive system by supporting the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices.
Gentian is often said to have the following properties: it promotes digestion, liver and biliary function.


THYME Thymus vulgaris
Thyme is grown in gardens in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe and is particularly widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. In the past, thyme burning was used for magical cleaning of premises.
Thyme is often said to have the following properties: it supports digestion, strengthens the immune system and is good for the respiratory tract.


SHEEP YARN Achillea millefolium
This aromatic plant is native to all of Europe, up to the Arctic Circle and also in the Alps. It grows in meadows and along roadsides. Your botanical. It contains essential oils and yeast and bitter substances.
Yarrow is often said to have the following properties: it is good for blood circulation, improves digestion, and strengthens the immune system.

Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA Aloe vera
Aloe Vera is native to the tropical and subtropical zones, especially Africa and the Mediterranean. The plant is sensitive to frost, but can be grown very well in your own garden or kept indoors in winter.
The following properties are often ascribed to aloe vera: it has a digestive effect, supports the immune system, is widely used in cosmetics.


GINSENG Panax ginseng
In Chinese medicine there is the "Ligi theory", which literally means "energy balance". It is an often used term to describe the ability of Panax Ginseng to balance the body. Panax Ginseng increases physical and mental performance. It is an ideal plant for people as they get older.
The following properties are often ascribed to ginseng: supports the immune system, promotes physical and mental activity, promotes metabolism and improves concentration.


GINKGO Ginkgo biloba
Gingko biloba is a plant that has only been used in Europe in recent years. The tree comes from East Asia, where it is also cultivated for its seeds or as a temple tree. The plant promotes stress relief and strengthens the heart.
Gingko is often said to have the following properties: as an antioxidant, it promotes youth, is good for potency, supported the Nervous system and promotes the Cycle.


Bladder Wrack Fucus vesiculosus
Bladderwrack is a brown alga that is common on the shores of Europe and North America.

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