who we are

The months before and after the birth are very exciting and emotional times. Lots of preparations have to be made to give the little living being a wonderful start into the big world. At the same time, the mother of the newborn is also the focus and needs rest, relaxation and, above all, time for herself, for her femininity and for her feelings. At GoFuture with Love, we give pregnant women and new mothers the opportunity to be dressed appropriately for every occasion with our lovingly created maternity wear, without having to forego the feminine personality.

Maternity wear: chic with a baby bump

GoFuture with Love stands for unique, individual and high-quality maternity and nursing fashion that is specially geared to the wishes and needs of future and young mothers. Our approach is not only to pay attention to the factor of comfort, but to make women attractive and feminine. Our maternity and nursing fashion are characterized by 100% unique items, which are made exclusively by hand. Modern women are still active in their job or in sports until shortly before birth and consciously take part in cultural life. Here it was important to us to guarantee a high level of comfort through ergonomic cuts and to meet the fashionable demands of the time.

For the production of our maternity and mommy fashion, we only use certified fabrics that flatter the body and highlight the baby bump and feminine curves without appearing restrictive. The pregnancy and all the wonderful moments after the birth will be forever remembered by mom. Therefore it is our vision and inner endeavor to make this exciting time as unforgettable and enchanting as possible. With our maternity wear we celebrate your baby bump and with practical features we give you the opportunity to carry our designer pieces on after the birth.

Enjoy your time during and after pregnancy,

in love - your Olivia